At Orthostyle Vancouver, we are proud to offer patients OrthoPulse®, an FDA-cleared medical device used to aid current Invisalign® or braces treatment by gently facilitating tooth movement. 

The Science Behind OrthoPulse®

OrthoPulse® is an optional orthodontic treatment used to aid and support Invisalign® or braces treatment.

OrthoPulse® is an FDA-cleared Class II intraoral medical device for patients in braces or Invisalign® clear aligners. The science behind OrthoPulse® is photobiomodulation (PBM), also known as low-intensity light therapy used to gently facilitate orthodontic tooth movement.

This light encourages cell metabolism and creates an increase in chemical energy that can be used by the body to heal, regenerate and reduce inflammation and pain. That energy then helps to remodel the surrounding bone and facilitate tooth movement.

OrthoPulse Provider in Vancouver

How To Use OrthoPulse® 

OrthoPulse® works by inserting a mouthpiece around your braces or clear aligners. You will be required to use the device for 10 minutes every day. OrthoPulse® uses light-emitting “bone healing” arrays to encourage tooth movement and assist in bone remodeling to aid in your orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of OrthoPulse® 

Convenient – Just one convenient self-treatment session of 10-minutes per day can aid your orthodontic treatment by encouraging tooth movement.

Safe – This US FDA-cleared Class II intraoral medical device is based on a clinically proven and safe technology. 

Easy – Its simple design makes it easy and comfortable to use at home or away, while in bed or while watching a TV show – all without changing your daily schedule.

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